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Studio Policy and Philosphy Studio Policy and Philosphy

Larry’s Lesson Reminders

· Lessons are 25 minutes long (55 minutes for an “hour”).  This allows time for tuning,  packing-up, chit-chat, etc. 

· Please knock and come in when it is your lesson time.

· Lessons cost $30 each, or $120 for the four regular lessons each month ($60and $240 for an  hour), payable at the first lesson of the month.  Please deduct for forth-coming scheduled absences at this time.  There are no refunds or make-up lessons given for unscheduled missed lessons. You can pay for these on this website here.

· There are no lessons given during the 5th week of the month.

· The first week of the month is “Tech Week”.  The student will review scales, arpeggios and other exercises along with their normal lesson.

· The student is expected to perform for 5-10 minutes every third week of the month.  This is a mini- performance for me.  If you like, we can play in the coffee shop, provided it is available.

· Parents, friends and coffee are always welcome in my studio.

· I am recognized as a Founding Instructor of the Carnegie/Royal Conservatory of Music, which means I can offer an Artist Diploma from those institutions.  These are professionally recognized credentials.

I have an open door policy.  This means that with permission of the student, you are welcome to observe other peoples lessons in my studio.  Once every few years, I have an intern, and with your permission, they may be observing our lessons as part of their college degree requirements. 

Here is what you can expect from lessons with me.  This is not a ridgid system, and I make exceptions all the time.  Nevertheless, my approach to guitar instruction has been adopted by a few teachers, and I have been requested to keep this page on my site.

The McDonald Approach to Guitar Instruction.