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For My Fellow Teachers and Interns For My Fellow Teachers and Interns

From time to time, I post interesting articles and essays for those folks who are interested in guitar pedagogy.  Feel free to contact me to discuss any of these. -Larry

Teaching Free-Stroke; Performance and Diagnostics.

Conservatory Tutor "Instructor's Edition" Discussion of the 4th finger Approach,

Matteo -An example of my segment practice method and back-chaining combined.  From The Conservatory Tutor.  There are only 4 left-hand notes in this piece.

Drill, Baby, Drill -The role of exercises in your studio

Left-Hand Anticipation

Mistakes; Careless vs. Human

On Becoming a Virtuoso Guitarist -I learned much of this from the writings of Phillip Hii.  I highly recommend is books.

On Memorization and the Guitar -By Simon Salz

Diagnostics and Mechanism/Technical Remediation

Phrase Length Segmentation Practice

Phrase Length Segmentation Practice II; a more recent essay on the same topic

"The Weighted Plant"

Covert Motor Routines or "How to Play Faster Without Practicing

Right Hand Conventions, Revised and Expanded (2014)