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Conservatory Tutor Method Info Conservatory Tutor Method Info

The Conservatory Tutor Vol.1      

Welcome to The Conservatory Tutor Information Page!

"Introduction to Fundamental Guitar Technique, Regardless of Style."

In The Conservatory Tutor, you will find the best of the old school 20th century guitar methods combined with the most modern teaching breakthroughs of the 21st century.   Specifically, The Conservatory Tutor teaches the left-hand the through natural, ergonomic hand positions developed in the late 1990's. The modern, "open-hand" school for the right-hand is encouraged from the very first lessons.   All in full color!

It is this ideal fusion that has earned The Conservatory Tutor Series international acclaim as The Flagship Guitar Method of the 21st Century.

But, you should judge for yourself.  Here are some sample pages from the Conservatory Tutor:

Table of Contents

Preface (this is the page that has the pedagogical explanations)

Default Left-Hand Position

Default Right-Hand Position

First Lesson for the Right-Hand (A complete lesson on the open "D", "A", and "E" strings)

First Lesson for the Left-Hand (on the 3rd string)

Mateo (A demonstration of Segment Practice.  There are only 4 left-hand notes in this piece).

Baroque Duet (An example of teaching "style" and the 4 color richness) Hear it on the included CD!

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What people are saying about
"I’ve been teaching beginning guitar using The Conservatory Tutor for over five years. As a new teacher, I found this text thorough and methodical in its approach to basic skills. The explanations offer support to me as a teacher and the photographs help reinforce basic concepts for the student between lessons. As my students advance, I have also discovered that many of the lessons are useful for remedial purposes. My students have played several of the original repertoire pieces for recitals and local music festivals. I have been able to adapt the text for use with children through, adults. I'm looking forward to the new edition with its additional duets to play with my students. Students completing The Conservatory Tutor are well prepared to begin work at the grade one level (Royal Conservatory of Music grade system)." –rcw-
Dear Larry McDonald,
I have never before been contacted by the author of anything I have purchased! Perhaps I should not be too surprised to have heard from you as "The Conservatory Tutor" clearly demonstrates your concern to do your very best for your readers. I had been feeling something was missing, that I needed to review my approach to the instrument and perhaps return to the fundamentals. Then I heard of your book. The presentation is first class, the photographs are crystal clear and demonstrate precisely the points you wish to make. There's no dogma—when you offer advice you explain the background. I find the musical exercises to be precisely targeted and really appreciate your inclusion of performance criteria to aid self-evaluation. I'm not rushing through your book. You have already changed the way I feel about my potential to make further progress both technically and musically. I am more relaxed with the guitar in my hands, my left hand fingers are operating more freely and I have finally broken a tendency to approach new music on a bar by bar basis. I ordered it on a Friday morning and was astonished and delighted that it was in my hands on the following Tuesday— all the way from Wisconsin to a remote corner of the UK. -Yours sincerely, D.
"Ray, your description of Larry McDonald as "the new Noad" is compelling, enough so that I just went and read every word on his website. (posted on the delcamp forum) 
I'll take this opportunity to highly recommend "The Conservatory Tutor - An Introduction to Fundamental Guitar Technique" by Larry McDonald. Great coverage of concepts and technique, along with lots of wonderful pieces". -K.
"Larry writes in the great tradition of teacher-composers -- Pujol and Brouwer come to mind. I think we should consider that many of the greatest teachers show the understanding that the student, if they are truly paying attention to the sound (in the right hand), can only handle so much in the left hand and musically. I find Larry's musical offerings just the right balance of interest and background for his purpose. I hope that he preserves this profound understanding of the learning process in future versions". -K.C.