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Here are a few pieces that I wrote or arranged.  I hope you enjoy them.  I'm very sensitive to criticism so if you hate them, keep it to yourself.  Just kidding.  Let me know if you are performing these (or any of my works) and I'll try to show up.

Original Music

Asian Tombeau

Downtown 3:51 am


Sonatina (A Level 10 concert piece)

    Perforormance Notes for Sonatina


Here are some Christmas Carols

God Rest Ye Merry Genetlemen (Primer Level)

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Level 1) 

Jingle Bells (1st position fingering on the second and third string only)

Jolly Olde St. Nikolas (Primer Level)

Jolly Olde St. Nikolas (Level 1)

The First Noel (Level 1)

We Three Kings

    This was a fun one to arrange.  I set the melody in the styles of different musical eras of music.  It starts like gregorian chant, quickly adds a polyphonic 2nd voice, and progresses through a Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and finally to a more modern style.